Breakin’ Clay for The Cure, Inc. is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded to raise money and advocate for cancer and chronic disease research as well as other worthy causes.  Members of our organization, motivated by loved ones afflicted or lost to cancer and other chronic diseases, decided to take their hobby of Sporting Clays, and create an exciting event that would bring both friends and family together for a fun day of Sporting Clays, friendship, and camaraderie, all while raising awareness, support, and critical funding for charitable organizations.

The Breakin’ Clay for The Cure story…

Breakin’ Clay for The Cure as we know it today is the convergence of two noble philanthropic efforts by our founders Steve Bowers and Harry Budenz.

In 2001 Steve’s son Dylan, at the age of eight, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.  After months of chemotherapy, he was in remission.  The next year they were invited to the Upper Bucks Relay for Life where they walked to raise money for a friend’s team.  By the fall of 2002 they found out that Dylan’s cancer had come back and he was in the fight for his life.  At that time Steve decided to organize his own Relay for Life team and put on a Sporting Clays event to help raise money for the Relay. With Dylan’s input, the event was to be called Breakin’ Clay for The Cure.  Dylan fought a hard battle but unfortunately, he passed away in December 2003.  The “First Annual Breakin’ Clay for The Cure” event was held in Dylan’s honor on April 25, 2004 at Water & Wings with the help of friends.  There were about 50 shooters and $2,000 was raised for cancer research. In 2005 the Second Annual Breakin’ Clay for The Cure event was held at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays where it has been ever since.

In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s Harry and a group of trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters who were friends and coworkers would get together as often as they could to shoot Sporting Clays.  What started off as a great way for old friends as well as new ones to get together for camaraderie and friendly competition, at some point became more.  Exactly when and who is a bit fuzzy but it was suggested that they should put on a memorial shoot to raise money to be donated in the names of shooter friends that had passed away from cancer.  Around this time Harry became good friends with Bill Hughley (a true friend of BCFTC until his passing) whose gun quit on him during one of these shoots and Harry offered to share his gun with Bill.  One day Bill gave Harry an envelope with a few hundred dollars in it.  When asked, Bill said it was money left over from the past few “fun shoots”.  In 2005 the first “Memorial Shoot” was held at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays with the help of friends, family and the “fun shoot” seed money. This shoot resulted in $6,700 being raised and donated to cancer research.

The separate events went on for several years until Harry and Steve decided that they should pool their resources and combine the events.  Steve’s only request was that the Breakin’ Clay for The Cure name be carried on in Dylan’s honor; there was not a second thought and the first combined Breakin’ Clay for The Cure Memorial Shoot was held in 2007!  The events were held each year and by all accounts were a success, raising thousands of dollars for the advancement of cancer research.  Then in 2010, upon the advice of an attorney friend, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization was formed.  Harry, Steve and several other friends and family volunteered to serve on the Board to help organize and put on the annual Sporting Clays events that we all now know and enjoy!  Until 2012 the proceeds from the events went to cancer research.  In 2013 it was decided to expand the reach of Breakin’ Clay for The Cure to include other worthy causes.  Each year the BCFTC Board listens to suggestions of charitable organizations and after much thought and research the board members come to an agreement on which organization will be the beneficiary of the next annual event.  These charities have included the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Upper Bucks Lions Kidney Foundation, CHOP Cancer Center, and Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, to name a few...

Breakin’ Clay for The Cure was from its humble beginnings made up of individuals truly motivated by loved ones afflicted or lost to cancer and other chronic diseases. The decision to take a Sporting Clays hobby and create an exciting event that brings both friends and family together for a fun day of sporting clays, friendship, and camaraderie, to raise awareness and provide support for a worthy cause was undoubtedly the right one!

Board of Directors

Harry R. Budenz, Jr.

Steve Bowers

Dana Arnold

Rich Arnold

H. Christian Budenz

Bob "Buffalo" Ackerman

Ricky Fung-A-Fat

Dan Cerven

John Yanek

    On Counsel

    Paul R. Ober, Esq.

    Joseph A. LaFlamme, Esq.

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